Look at Pakistan’s state, your religion should not be your govt.: Prakash Raj

Noted actor and a critic of Bharatiya Janata Party Prakash Raj speaks with Arun Dev of The Quint on a complaint filed by BJP’s Karnataka wing against him with the chief electoral officer for allegedly using derogatory words for PM Modi and BJP’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa for Karnataka.

Prakash Raj who opines that if BJP government does not separate religion from the State, India will end up like Pakistan. He says “I don’t use derogatory words, I’m asking questions on the promises that they have made and they need to answer.” Adding that the government behaves as a crybaby, “We are men enough. Answer. Let’s have a dialogue.”

About #JustAsking campaign:

“#JustAsking campaign is in connection with this present scenario. I’m going to try and tell voters ‘Don’t forget things’ because all politicians especially BJP, divert issues and they think people have small memory. I’m trying to remind them of the promises the government made and asking them to ask questions on development. And not to seek votes on religion. This is what I’m trying to explain, people are listening. The truth in Karnataka was a strong voice but lacked clarity.”

On the allegation of targetting only BJP but not Congress:

When asked about why does the actor-politician only targets BJP and not Congress, he says that he has got clarity better than others and he believes that the ideology of this party is dangerous for the country. “Not that I’m supporting any other party but I have to bring the big guy down first who is dangerous to the country,” says Prakash Raj.

If BJP not an option for Karnataka then what is:

Asked about if Raj thinks that BJP is not an option for Karnataka then does he consider Congress as an option, he says, “BJP is not an option for this country, forget about Karnataka. It is not that I’m supporting Congress and we can’t crib about all the parties all the time, though they have weaknesses. First, bring down who is dangerous to the country. First, bring down who is silencing our voice.” He further says whoever comes, “We will question”.

On being asked about losses he may incur as this system could affect him:

“I’m rich enough to lose. A person’s richness is about how much he can afford to lose and not about how much he can amass. I’m enriched with purposefulness, honesty. I’m walking with my head help up high. I’m richer,” says Raj.