Look your best this V-Day with these simple make-up tips

New Delhi: Valentine’s Day is all about that special, romantic date where you spend quality time with your beloved. While love is all that truly matters on this day, it’s always nice to add an aesthetic touch to the entire affair with subtle make-up.

For a day date, one should keep it subtle and for the night the make-up should be well defined, says an expert.

Manisha Chopra, founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, has shared make-up tips to woo your date on Valentine’s day.

For the date during day time:

* Keep it subtle: Say no to too much foundation, heavy eye shadow or dark lipstick. Stick to basic and nude make-up. Cleanse your face, moisturise it well and instead of a heavy foundation, opt for a light concealer and some matte compact as base.

* Add a dash of colour: For a day date, a fresh-as-daisy look with just a pop of colour is ideal. Stick to light, pretty peaches or shades of rose for the lips. If you must, just add a hint of blush in similar hues for a peachy, dewy finish. Steer clear of reds!

* The eyes have it: Smear your lids with some nude eyeshadow. Even a white eyeshadow that’s all the rage these days is perfect when blended with a minimal amount of pink. Apply a thin coat of eyeliner and kohl. Nothing too loud or thick.

For your date in the evening:

* Define the make-up well: Adding definition to and contouring your face is a must. After applying a good base and dabbing your face with powder to eliminate shine. Contour your face so that your cheekbones stand out.

* Soft yet flirty: A cream blush should be your go-to solution this V-Day. Pick shades such as rose and plum that give you a pretty and flush look. Finish the look off with a warm lip colour, preferably in shades of pink.

* Enhance those eyes: Unlike the lunch date make-up, your look for the evening should turn the focus on your eyes. Glamorous eyelashes are a must and curling is the way to go about them. Follow this up with waterproof mascara. Smoky eyes or shimmery bronze eyeshadow are ideal for that magical glow.