Long working hours doesn`t affect romantic relationships

Washington: You might have often heard that the longer you work, the harder it is to maintain romantic relations, but a recent study has claimed it to be a myth.

In a study conducted by SAGE in partnership with The Tavistock Institute, researchers have found that there is in no negative association between the hours worked and relationship satisfaction.

In the study, 285 couples took part to determine the effect of working hours on relationships.

Researchers said that conventional wisdom and research seem to suggest that partners in dual career-couples have to decide whether they would rather risk their careers or their romantic relationship.

Their research questions the assumption that working longer hours is hazardous for all romantic relationships.

Researchers added that their study attempts to help answer the question of whether dual-career couples should be hesitant to devote many hours to their work when they fear negative relationship consequences.

By examining the associations between the participants working time, private lives and happiness in their respective relationships, the researchers found that couples compensated for the time lost with their partners by making the most of time they have after work.

Researchers concluded that there was no negative association between working time and relationship satisfaction.

The research is published in the journal Human Relations. (ANI)