Long-Term Solution Required For Flood Control: Pema Khandu

ITANAGAR: To address the recurring flood problem in the state, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu has called for finding a long-term solution instead of taking short-term measures.

“What we want is a long-term solution. The cost will be high but efforts will be on,” the Chief Minister said yesterday.

During his visit to flood-ravaged Namsai district yesterday, Mr Khandu inspected a breached embankment of Noa-Dehing river that has taken a new course through low-lying areas of Lower Silatoo, Nongkhong and Mahadevpur areas crossing NH 52 to rejoin its original course near Mahaloni village, an official release said today.

The swollen river pose a danger to the entire Mahadevpur town and could be a threat to Namsai area if it is not diverted to its original course, the release said.

Redirecting the river to its original course would involve latest technology, the Chief Minister said, adding the work would be entrusted to the Water Resource department, which would consult specialized firms for river piping to prevent erosion along the 2 km of breached embankment.

“What we want is a long-term solution. The cost will be high but efforts will be on. I have authorized the Chief Secretary to go ahead with the work,” he said at a public meeting in Namsai town and announced that the project to channel Nao-Dehing river to its original course will be started soon.

Mr Khandu said the people affected by the floods will be “fully” compensated as per relief norms.

“I have come here to share your sorrow as Chief Minister. Don’t worry the government is with you, the administration is with you,” he assured.

Responding to the memoranda submitted by the public, Mr Khandu advised the people to be optimistic during a difficult situation like this.

“People are in grief over their loss. If we fill the atmosphere with negativity, it will make them sadder. What we need is a problem-solving attitude. Give them hope,” he urged the officials, the release added.