In the long run EQ does trump IQ, says Nadella to students

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday addressed an event which was streamed to the students live across 20 states 300 cities and 750 locations.

During his address Nadella said, “I believe that in the long run EQ does trump IQ, without the ability to be a source of energy for others very little can be accomplished. The energy that you create is perhaps going to be around you, is perhaps going to be most important attribute you will bring to others.”

“The way I have derived energy is by sort of trying to listen to who is setting standards, everyday somebody has got some idea to do something which sets a new standard the new bar for you to get inspired by,” he added.

“The other thing which perhaps most shaped me in my journey was this constant quest to learn and every opportunity I got I took it as a learning experience. One of my biggest privileges in the last seven months was to meet so many distinguished people from across different walks of life and get all kind of advice,” Nadella further said.

Giving advice to the youth, he said, “I remember reading this Gandhi quote, he said something along the lines ‘live everyday as if it is your last day but learn as if you are going to live forever’. I think it captures the essence of how I think the youth of this country can face the future and the opportunity ahead.”

Meanwhile, Union Minister Smriti Irani said, “There are some who mock us of being overly dependent on social media, overly dependent of the information technology dream but we have seen the benefits of this. One of the recent benefits that I have seen is when the Jammu and Kashmir was ravaged by floods.”

“The Indian army proudly said that they had only two officers who manned and channelized the social media initiative to help the rescue Indians out of very difficult situations and you would be glad to know that your army through the help of social media managed to rescue ND provide support to over 12000 citizens,” Irani added.

Irani further said, “All the youngsters who are watching us today, I hope that through this transformation, through this interface that the internet gives us , u bring joy and pride to your parents and your families back home.”

According to media reports, Nadella also visited the Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC ) in Hyderabad on Monday, which is one of Microsoft Corporation’s largest development centers outside the headquarters in Redmond. (ANI)