London Mayor Sadiq Khan re-elected for second term

London: Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan will continue to serve as Mayor of London as he has been re-elected for a second term. After second round of counting, 55.2 percent of votes was in favour of Khan whereas, his opponent Shaun Bailey of Conservative Party received 44.8 percent of votes.

According to a report published in the Guardian, at the end of counting of first preference votes, the number of votes in favour of Khan was 1,013, 721 whereas, Bailey had received 893,051 votes.  Green Party’s Sian Berry secured 197,976 votes and Liberal Democrats’ Luisa Porritt had 111,716 votes.

After the second round of counting, Khan received 1,206,034 votes whereas, 977,601 votes were in favour of Bailey. Khan was announced the winner of the election at around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

In his victory speech, he assured Londoners that he pledged to build a better and brighter future for the city. He thanked the people for electing him as London Mayor for the second term.

He also tweeted, “Thank you London. It’s the absolute honour of my life to serve the city I love for another three years. I’ll leave no stone unturned to get our city back on its feet. A brighter future is possible, and we’ll deliver it together”.

Meanwhile, Bailey said, “Londoners didn’t write me off”

Khan was first elected as the Mayor of London in 2016 and become the first Muslim Mayor of the capital of the United Kingdom.

It may be mentioned that the 50-year-old politician is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver. Earlier, he served as human rights lawyer and chairperson of the civil liberties campaign group Liberty.