London: Mamata’s delegation of Journalists caught stealing, brings disgrace to the nation

London: Hand-picked Journalists who accompanied West Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee on London’s Tour embarrassed the nation after they were caught stealing high-end cutlery and placing the stolen items in their bags.

The Luxury hotel’s security staff was in a dilemma to find CCTV footage that captured these journalists who were attending the official dinner thrown in honor of West Bengal’s CM Mamta along with other dignitaries like politicians, Industrialists and other journalists

Bringing disgrace to the nation, being a part of an important delegation and a regular of Mamta’s foreign tours, was a senior journalist who reported for renowned Bengali newspaper.

The hotel’s hidden security cameras indeed caught the mischief of these journalists which landed them into the confrontation of their crime.

Speaking of it another journalist who had noticed the act said, “Or they possibly thought that the cameras wouldn’t be working anyway as is often the case in Bengal.”

The staff was in a huge fix since this was an important delegation and they didn’t want to embarrass the delegation, the staff personally approached the journalists and requested them to return the items stolen which shocked the journalists shaming them in their face but one of the senior journalists indeed denied to admit the crime according to the reports. What the journalists missed was, he was caught on camera putting the stolen items into another journalist’s bag.

The security staff could no longer deal with his denial and confronted him saying he would be reported to the Police if he does not cooperate to which the journalists later confessed and was fined 50 pounds reported Outlook.

When the newspaper the journalist was working for was contacted for comments, none other than one senior editor commented saying, “Yes, it’s true.”

According to another Bengali journalist, this man is sick with his “habit of regularly pilfering cutlery and other goods from hotels during foreign tours though this is the first time he got caught,” adding that this particular man goes to the extent of claiming that he is “is a cheapskate who stays in economy hotels to save money but reaches the star hotel of the CM so that he could partake of the free and lavish breakfast served there.”

The journalist’s other associates say he is a son of well known Bengali author and landed a job as a clerk due to his father’s connections but he was clever enough to work up from a position of a clerk “using his manipulative abilities not just to become a journalist but to get himself attached to all the foreign trips and junkets,” reported Outlook.