London imam sends Christmas cards to Queen, Pope; highlights Jesus’ importance in Islam

London: A London based imam sent out thousands of invitation cards for Christmas, highlighting the importance of Jesus in Islam.

Dr Mohammed Fahim took around 10 years of time to design the invites whose recipients include the Queen and the Pope.

“Almost 10 years ago I decided to design a set of special Christmas cards talking about Mary and Jesus from the Koran. I print about 4,000 cards every year,” Dr Fahim of Qur’ani Murkuz Trust told Sky News.

“I send them to the members of the royal family, members of the Houses of Parliament, churches, neighbours, colleagues at work, the Pope and all the EU leaders. I am pleasantly surprised and honoured that Her Majesty the Queen, the prime minister and the Pope respond to my card every year,” he said.

Dr Fahim emphasized the significance of Jesus and highlighted that Muslims believe in his miracles, prophecy and his second coming.

According to him, the move will give a chance to Muslims to propagate Islam. “Every year, British Muslims are missing two golden opportunities (Christmas and Easter) to propagate the message of Islam, a message of peace, tolerance and justice,” he said.

“In trying to deliver this message of peace to as many people as possible, I encourage members of my congregation, as well as my friends, to send my cards to their contacts as well,” he added.