Lokpal bill is solution for corruption: Anna Hazare

Sikar(Rajasthan): Social activist Anna Hazare on Saturday said that the Lokpal bill alone can remove at least 50 percent of the corruption from the country, adding that the reservation system was a threat to the nation as it has become ‘politically infected’.

“Whether you take the BJP or the Congress, nobody can remove corruption. Congress has done graduation in corruption, now they are doctorate. Lokpal bill is the solution for corruption,” Hazare said addressing to the media here.

Hazare also voiced the removal of poll symbols from ballot papers and Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

“Use of election symbols (on ballot papers and EVMs) is against the constitution of India. It is nowhere written in the constitution that there should be election symbols and they should be removed. For this we don’t have to speak to the government but to the Election Commission,” he added.

Anna Hazare had earlier received an anonymous threat letter in Sikar where he is scheduled to hold a rally on Sunday, after which security was beefed up at the place where he is staying.