Lok Satta chief hits out at Modi

Lok Satta Party chief Jaya Prakash Narayana on Sunday came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the demonetization policy by saying that the people of this country believed when he addressed the nation saying that the Centre’s move would wipe out black money and corruption and that the people can exchange their hard earned money at banks.

The LSP chief said that the people were made to deposit their money in banks but the people are now unable to get their own money. He wondered as to why the government was not able to ease out the currency scarcity. He said that the Modi government cheated the people as they were not able to get their money even after standing in bank queues for hours together. There is no honesty in the government’s action, he said.

People trusted Modi’s words that demonetization was in nation’s good, but Modi failed to keep up people’s trust. The government miserably failed to address the severe crisis caused by the Centre’s move, he said. He said that there has been drastic damage due to Centre failing to take any action post note ban. He alleged that the influential persons were getting huge amounts in new currency but at the same time the masses were subjected to severe hardships, he rued. (INN)