Lofty claims of TS Govt. confined to paper work – Osmania hospital lacks basic amenities

Hyderabad: The lofty claims of Govt. of Telangana are confined only to paper notifications. Osmania General Hospital is the largest hospital in the state where patients from neighboring states also seek medical help. This hospital is in miserable condition. It lacks basic amenities. By seeing the present condition of the hospital, a patient would consider thousand times to go to the hospital.

Osmania General Hospital is a historical heritage of the city. It is famous for many wonders in medical field in the past. The first experiment on chloroform was performed in this hospital. This hospital has well-experienced doctors in it but they complain that due to lack of facilities, it is not possible for them to function adequately. There are no proper beds in the hospital. The nursing staffs control the allocation of beds which is not possible without bribing them.

Instead of paying huge medical bills of corporate hospitals, is it better if facilities in Govt. hospitals are provided adequately. Govt. should take appropriate steps to eradicate corruption in Govt. hospitals.
The present condition of the hospital is that the toilets are cleaned not even once a week. Govt. of TS claims that it is spending crores of rupees for improving the facilities in Osmania General Hospital but by seeing the present status of the hospital, this claim of the Govt. gets exposed.

–Siasat News