Lodha panel gives deadline for implementation of BCCI reforms

New Delhi: The Supreme Court appointed Lodha Committee today instructed the BCCI to implement seven of its recommendations by September 30 including reforms on principles of awarding various contracts that encompasses lucrative TV rights.

The Lodha panel listed out its deadline on the recommendations after meeting the BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke today.

Seven reforms need to be carried out by September 30 and the rest four by October 15.

The notable reforms that need to be implemented in September include amendments in the articles of Memorandum of Associations (MOA) and a 15-day gap between national calendar and IPL.

The following is the list of the recommendations and their deadlines:

*MOA and rules and regulations of BCCI to be formally adopted by September 30.

*State and member associations to amend constitutions/MOA/ rules and regulations/bye-laws to bring them in terms with the report and judgement. Deadline September 30.

*Amendments to be made to the following IPL rules by September 30: Code of conduct for players and team officials, anti-corruption code for participants, anti-racism code for players and team officials, operation rules.

*Policies to be framed by September 30: To decide order of rotation among members of Gujarat and Maharashtra, fund disbursements among members, 15-day gap between IPL and national calendar, engagement of services and contractors and transparency of tenders with clear eligibility and qualification criteria.

*Agent registration norms to be amended by September 30.

*Steering committee to be notified by BCCI and to commence creation of the players’ association with financial support of the BCCI by September 30.

*Puducherry to be added as an associate member by September 30.

*Handbooks for disable cricket and young cricketers to be made by October 15.

*Websites to be created/updated for disable cricket, translation of all rules, norms, reports, minutes, circulars, to Hindi and uploading both versions; links to stadia, facilities, ticketing and seat details; transparency of member associations. Deadline October 15.

*Reorganising of the zones by October 15.

*Appointment of electoral officers for the BCCI and the states by October 15.