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Locket saved the life of Shabnam from his brother’s ‘bullet’

Locket saved the life of Shabnam from his brother’s ‘bullet’

Muzzaffarnagar: After offering Eid prayers, Nadeem, a resident of the Muzzaffarnagar district set out on a motorcycle and shot her sister for rebelling against the family. Fortunately, the bullet rebounded off the locket that Shabnam was wearing and she was unharmed.

Shabnam escaped death after her brother allegedly fired at her with a pistol, only for the bullet to ricochet off a pendant she was wearing.

Yogender Malik, a police officer attached with Inchauli police station, said:

“The woman had recently married a man named Anees against the wishes of her family.

Her brother was enraged by the marriage and allegedly shot at her on the morning of Eid. If the locket wasn’t where it was, the consequences could have been very different. She was a little hurt but after she came to the police station, we took her to hospital. Doctors said that she is not in a critical condition.”

The police confirmed that investigations would start and the accused would be detained after a formal complaint is filed by the victim.