Lockdown: Rich of twin cities live in farmhouses, poor face economic woes

Hyderabad: The well off families of twin cities who have their own farmhouses around the city and those who can afford them have left their homes in city to live safely with their families and relatives.

These rich families from Hyderabad have shifted to their farmhouse in districts like Moinabad, Chevella Shadnagar, Jadcherla, Zahirarabad, Siddipet, Shamirpet, Adilabad, Nirmal, Bodhan and many other areas.

In view of the “Work from Home” trend the employees of many companies have shifted along with their families to the farmhouses where they are enjoying the work and vacation together.

For these families the lockdown is like an extended holiday as they don’t face any financial difficulties as much as the poor do.

Contrary to these well off families, those who belong to the lower middle class and poor families are struggling to cope up with economic hardships. They frantically try to earn their livelihood during the four hours of the lockdown relaxation.

The labours reach early in the morning to their “designated work place” near the markets to get some work. But due to the Corona lockdown they seldom get work. If they do, they get paid less than what normally is their regular wage.

The condition of the auto and taxi drivers and street vendors are not any better as they too have been badly hit by the pandemic and the lockdown.

There are small traders who open their shops daily hoping some business during the relaxation hours but the people are out only to purchase the essential commodities. These traders too are suffering from the economic hardships.

For the poor families, the option is either to die from Covid-19 or from hunger. If given a choice they would surely take a chance with coronavirus than dying from hunger.