Now MIM comes forward to take credit but lags behind to perform

Hyderabad: The local political party which leaves no chance of pleasing the ruling parties and is always on the forefront to take credit, seems to be lagging behind when the interests of the Muslims are to be taken up.

Mr. KTR, IT and Municipal Administration Minister participated in various inaugural programs of the schemes in old city. Whenever Govt. formulates a scheme, this local party takes credit of it. The floor leader of this party is away from Hyderabad, perhaps to take relief from the heat in Hyderabad whereas the party president is busy participating in Municipal elections outside Telangana.

The question now arises in the minds of the Muslims as to who should represent their issues. This local party had opposed 5% reservations for Muslims during the Congress led Govt. of Dr. YSR. The president of the party had participated in many TV discussions opposing reservation for Muslims saying that it is an attempt to divide Muslims although there is equality for everyone in Islam.

When Dr. YSR reduced 5% reservation to 4% under court orders, this local party came to the forefront to take its credit. Now that Mr. KCR got the bill passed for 12% reservations, the floor leader of this party was absent from Assembly. His entertainment is more important than participating in Assembly discussions. By remaining absent from Assembly session, the floor leader gave a clean chit to the ruling party to do whatever it likes whereas the other political parties pointed out certain lacunae in the bill.

After the Assembly session, KTR visited the Old City and inaugurated various developmental works. On this occasion also, the absence of floor leader was felt. The leaders of this party mention various issues pertaining to Old City but when Minister In-charge of Old City visits, there is no one to represent these issues.

The ruling party has decided to concentrate on the developmental works of the Old City. After providing reservation to Muslims and by appointing Muslim leaders as chairmen of various corporations, the popularity of TRS has been increased in Old City. In such a situation, TRS wants to activate its cadre in the old city. In 2014 elections, TRS performed well in certain Assembly constituencies of Old City. Now that TRS has created a place in the hearts of the Muslims by providing 12% reservation, there are bright chances for TRS to win elections in the old city. In order to take advantage of this situation, KTR visited the old city along with the team of ministers. During his visit, he realized that if more hard work is done, TRS may get positive results. The absence of floor leader of the party also created disappointment among its cadre.

There are many issues pertaining to the development of Old City. It is to be seen how the local party maintains its relations with TRS seeing its popularity. KTR was asked to visit the hospital maintained by this political party.

It is reported that Dy. CM belonging to Old City and the chairmen of various corporations have been entrusted with the responsibility of strengthening TRS in Old City. It remains to be seen how the turn of events take place till General Elections of 2019.

–Siasat News