Local political party addicted to forge alliance with ruling parties – Abdullah Sohail

Hyderabad: President of Congress Minority Cell, Mr. Shaik Abdullah Sohail told that for the victory of BJP in UP, President of MIM, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi and the other secular parties including Congress are responsible. They divided secular votes and indirectly helped consolidate Majority votes which benefited BJP.

Commenting on the statement of MIM that BJP won elections in Uttarakhand without MIM’s involvement, Mr. Sohail said that this question could better be responded by MIM authorities. When MIM claims to represent Muslims and Dalits, why did it restrict itself to UP? There are 14% Muslims in Uttarakhand. If MIM wants to increase its strength, it should compete in all the states. By contesting in specific constituencies, the apprehensions of the Muslims get confirmed.

The Congress leader further told that it is the tradition of local party to forge alliance with ruling parties. He also told that it is baseless that it is representing Muslims. In fact, the local party entered into Municipal elections in 1961. In 1984, for the first time a Muslim MP was elected from Hyderabad. The party which claims to represent the Muslims did not make an attempt to strengthen its activities in new city of Hyderabad but it is concentrating on other states.

–Siasat News