Local party supports Marathas and Muslims in Maharashtra but silent in Telangana

Hyderabad: At the time when the campaign for 12% reservation for Muslims is gaining momentum in Telangana, the local political party of Hyderabad has decided to support the cause of Marathas and Muslims in Maharashtra State for getting reservation. Yesterday, a Maha Morcha was organized near Nagpur Assembly in which Imtiyaz Jaleel and Waris Pathan (MIM MLAs) and other local leaders of Majlis participated along with the Maratha leaders. A core committee has been formed which includes Maratha leaders. This core committee submitted a memorandum to Maharashtra Govt. demanding reservations for Marathas and Muslims, total prohibition and constitution of Wakf Board.

It may be noted that before the General Elections, Mr. KCR had made a promise to Muslims that 12% reservation would be provided for them within four months of TRS assuming charge but even after the lapse of 18 months, this promise was not fulfilled.

Siasat Urdu Daily launched a non-political movement which played a key role in creating awareness among the Muslims as a result of which the Muslims organized public meetings, rallies and hunger strikes. They also presented memoranda to officials and peoples representatives. The Muslims have a feeling that the party which claims to represent the Muslims in Telangana Assembly should have supported this campaign openly. Contrary to this, it is maintaining silence after striking a secret deal with the Govt. If 12% reservation is provided to Muslims, their representation in Govt. jobs would increase. Govt. of Telangana has notified more than 1 lakh vacancies but no concrete step has been taken to provide 12% reservation to Muslims. If these reservations are provided later, Muslims won’t get benefit. The Muslims have therefore started joint struggle rising above party politics and sectarian associations. The Muslims also feel that the Muslim political parties should work for the benefit of the community rising above their party associations.

Organizing protest for the benefit of Marathas is in fact an attempt to stabilize its position politically in Maharashtra. It would have been better if such an attempt had been made in Telangana also for providing 12% reservation to Muslims.

According to the reports received, the core committee demanded the Govt. of Maharashtra to provide reservations to economically, socially and educationally backward Muslims and Marathas. Core Committee also claims that Sachar Committee recommended for providing reservation to Muslims. Mahmood-ur-Rahman Committee also suggested for giving reservations to Muslims.

The leaders of core committee of Nagpur include Vilas Dongre (Nagpur), Pandith Borday (Aurangabad), Ibrahim Ali Abu (Nanded), Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, Maulana Mahfooz-ur-Rahman Farooqui, Anjum Inamdar, Mohammed Ali Shaik, Salman Haq and Syed Moin Muqtar.

It is understood that the core committee demanded the Govt. of Maharashtra for the protection of Wakf property in the State. It would have been better if the Muslim political party would have struggled in the same manner for the protection of wakf properties in Telangana also. The interest shown for Marathas and Muslims in Maharashtra should have been shown in Telangana also.

–Siasat News