Local party has an eye on extra seats, TRS worried about division of votes

Hyderabad: With the indication of mid-term polls, BJP has prepared strategy for getting more seats in Telangana Assembly. In the same manner, the ally of TRS, the local political party is also planning to enhance seats for it. There is no possibility of enhancing the Telangana Assembly seats till 2026. It is expected that elections of 2019 would be confined to 119 Assembly seats only.

TRS has planned mid-term polls in order to check the increasing popularity of BJP after its victory in UP. It hopes that in the present situation, TRS will be able to get 102 out of 119 seats in the Assembly. The recently held survey predicts that TRS has a strong base on more than 100 Assembly seats. In such a situation, the ambitions of the local political party may cause worries to the ruling TRS party. The local party has not left any opportunity to support TRS even at the cost of sensitive issues concerning Muslims. It gives preference to its friendship with TRS rather than Muslim interests. CM has also mentioned the support of its ally more than once. Now that the announcement of mid-term polls could be made any time, the ambitions of the local party may affect the chances of TRS for getting more seats.

BJP is getting ready to divide secular votes. In the same manner, the local political party is also making an effort to increase its numerical strength in the Assembly by raising national level issues concerning the Muslims. In order to achieve its aim, the local party has plans to contest 25-30 Assembly seats. It is reported that in case it contests on more seats, it will result in loss to TRS which would eventually benefit BJP. BJP is struggling to get the status of an opposition party in the State Assembly.

In the TRS circles, the activities of its ally are being discussed. TRS leaders feel that the local party should not be allowed to contest for more than 10 seats. At present, it has 7 MLAs in the Assembly. By promising 3 more seats, the local party could be prevented from contesting more than 10 seats. If the local party is not stopped from contesting more seats, its benefit would go to BJP as the experience of UP, Bihar and Maharashtra suggests.

It may be mentioned that in the last elections, it had contested for 16 Assembly seats out of which, it got 7 seats. In Mushirabad and Amberpet constituencies, although, there were its candidates but BJP won these seats. In other constituencies, TDP won the seats which include Jubilee Hills, Rajendra Nagar, Serilingampally, Malkajgiri and Qutubullahpur. Later, these MLAs joined TRS.

In such a situation, Mr. KCR has to evolve a strategy since he has to compete with BJP on the one hand and with Congress on the other. If the local party decides to contest more seats, the division of secular votes would take place causing loss to TRS and benefit to BJP. The dream of TRS to come back to power could also be shattered.

Political analysts opine that the possibility of a hung Assembly could not be ruled out in Telangana. As its strategy, TRS has activated its ministers and public representatives to go to the people and convey the message of developments made by TRS.

It is reported that KCR might announce his election strategy in the plenary session of TRS scheduled to be held on 21st April. He has already projected KTR as his successor. He is visiting all the districts thereby projecting himself as the future CM. In the same way, the local political party has also become active to nullify the resentment caused to the people with the division of secular votes in other states.

–Siasat News