LK Advani trends on twitter following blog post

New Delhi: BJP veteran leader L K Advani who broke his silence yesterday and came out in support of his party through a blog, has made quite a buzz on micro-blogging site Twitter. Advani’s take on nationalism is ever since trending on the social media site.

Advani in his blog titled “Nation First, Party Next, Self Last” on Thursday asserted that the BJP had “never regarded those who disagree with us politically as enemies, but only as our adversaries” and that the BJP’s conception of Indian nationalism never regarded those who disagreed with it politically as “anti-national”.

Prime Minister Modi also endorsed Advani’s post by saying he summed up the true essence of the BJP and also tweeted the 91-year-old leader’s blog.

Soon Advani was among the top five Twitter trending in the country according to with the hashtag L K Advani figuring among the top three trending items.

Advani, who has won the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat six times since 1991 has been replaced by BJP chief Amit Shah for the ensuing general elections.

In his Advani had also said democracy, both within and outside the party, was an important hallmark of the BJP.

The blog elicited comments from various political figures including West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

Banerjee took to Twitter, saying, “As the senior most politician, fmr Dy PM and founding father of BJP, the views Advani Ji has expressed about extending democratic courtesies,is significant. Of course, all Opposition who raise their voices are not anti-national. We welcome his statement & convey our humble regards.”

Advani’s blog was reported to have come after a period of five years.