‘Live telecast’ begin during Mahabharat era: UP Dy. CM

Lucknow: Following the footstep of Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on linking modern inventions with ancient India, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said the ‘live telecast’ began in the Mahabharata era.

Sharma, while speaking at an event organised here on Wednesday to mark the ‘Hindi Journalism Day’ said a technology similar to ‘live telecast’ was available at the time of Mahabharata, through which the entire view of Kurukshetra was presented to Dhritarashtra in Hastinapur.

“Today, the live telecast is being done, but I think a similar technology was present at the time of Mahabharata, when Sanjay, sitting at Hastinapur presented a ‘live telecast’ of the battle of Mahabharata to Dhritarashtra,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

Sharma even claimed that technology behind in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and test-tube babies, must have existed during the time of Ramayana, through which Sita the central figures in the Hindu epic, was born.

“People say Sita ji was born from an earthen pot, which means at the time of Ramayana, a concept similar to test tube baby must have existed,” he said.

As per Ramayana, Sita was born directly from the earth and found by King Janaka.

Earlier, in April the Tripura Chief Minister claimed that internet and satellites existed since the Mahabharata era.

Deb said that only the narrow-minded people will find it difficult to believe the facts stated by him. (ANI)