Lipsticks that will get you compliments

In today’s world, people are not only conscious about how they look but also how their skin feels, and lipsticks are an important factor in making or breaking your image.

This makeup tool is not just about different shades or textures but also about ingredients, application and choosing the right trends, say experts.

Sargam Dhawan, director of cosmetic and personal care brand Paul Penders India, doles out tips on some lipstick trends that are making waves this season.

The herbal route
Using vegan and organic lipstick not only protects the lips from harsh chemicals but also preserves the natural texture and colour of the lips. Applying lipsticks with fewer chemicals reduces chances of lip discolouration.

Shift from matte to creamy
Creamy matte or satin finish provide a soft and smooth look while leaving the right amount of colour and shine. Creamy matte texture is also known to stay on the lips for longer hours and stops the lipstick from getting flaky on the lips.

Ditch the nudes
Get over with the nudes already. A pale pink, a peachy coral or a vibrant fuchsia would be the perfect pick for the Indian skin this festive season. Applying natural pink lipsticks is perfect for the ‘desk to dine’ look.

The blend of orange
As we know, red never goes out of style. However, this season it’s raining orange. A subtle blend of orange in your red can get you the perfect glamorous look for the season.