Lingerie shopping guide for men

New Delhi: Shopping for lingerie can be a tricky situation for men. Personality type, fabric, style and comfort level are some points they need to keep in mind before buying lingerie for their woman, suggests an expert.

Sirisha Tadepalli, brand marketing director, Zivame, highlights some key tips for men to keep in mind when buying lingerie for their partners:

* Personality type: As a starting point, you need to have an understanding of your partner’s personality to buy the right style for her. Different women have different personality types. Some are bold and outgoing; the others are sweet, some like to keep it simple while the others wish to make a statement.

The five types that we spot are naughty sexy, playful sexy, sweet sexy, sparkling sexy and sinfully sexy.

* Style, colour and design: Once you have identified the personality of your woman, the next step is to choose between the various styles and designs that go with her personality. Some like bold colours, while some like to keep it subtle. Similarly, some like prints, while some like it plain.

Use your knowledge about her and select lingerie that you believe she would like. Spend some time and check out the various styles, colours and designs available.

* Fabric and comfort: Once the style has been selected, you should pay heed to the fabric and how comfortable it will be for her. Some women maybe allergic to certain fabrics or may not like the feel of some of them. It is good if you know that already. If you are unsure about what fabric to select, we believe you cannot go wrong with cotton and lace.

* Size and fit: Size and fit are imperative to ensure support, comfort and the right shape. A woman shouldn’t have to suffer back issues as a result of wearing a wrong size and therefore, it is important to get fitted properly and ensure that she gets the requisite shape and support.