LINE’s parent company launches V, a new live-video broadcasting app for celebrities

Amsterdam: Messaging app Line’s parent company, Naver has launched its live video broadcasting app called V for celebrities.

According to The Next Web, V allows the users to watch personal videos of their favorite celebrity on their phone.

The users can follow people, watch their videos and use comments and hearts and let others know how they feel.

In addition, a ‘Popular’ tab, which displays many hearts, shows the users the most popular videos on the service. Videos containing which has received a lot of hearts automatically show up in the ‘Popular’ screen.

Also, watching the videos affects the users Chemi-beat for a celeb and Line plans to provide benefits to devoted watchers.

The shows will be scheduled and listed on V before airing but celebs can choose to broadcast at any time without prior notice.

Meanwhile, a Chemi-beat short for “chemistry beat”expresses a “relationship index” between you and your celeb. Following and watching celeb videos boosts your Chemi-beat and rewards will follow.

It is available in the App Store and Google Play store. The app appears to be focused on Japan and South Korea. (ANI)