Lindsay Lohan posts bizarre video with homeless family

New Delhi: Singer Lindsay Lohan just posted a bizarre Instagram live video, in which she can be seen approaching a family huddled up in a blanket on a footpath. The four people, two kids and their parents, appeared to be a homeless refugee family.

Uploaded on Saturday night, the live video starts with the ‘Mean Girls’ actor getting out of her car saying, “Hey everyone, I just wanna show you a Syrian refugee family, and they really need help.”

She then approached the family of four, whom the singer described as Syrian, and said, “Tell me your story so that I can help you.”

The video featured two kids, one asleep and the other one awake. Speaking to the kid Lohan said, “Do you wanna stay in the hotel tonight? Do you wanna watch movies? Come, you’re going to be the boss from now.”

When she doesn’t get a proper reply from the kid, she addressed the mother and said, “Let me take them, let them sleep. Just come with me, not your husband, just you and your kids.”

“You shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. You are a good little boy, this is not fair,” she said.
While the family fails to communicate with the singer, since they don’t seem to understand English, they can be initially seen smiling and laughing.

However, that changed by the end of the video, when the family started to gather whatever little belongings they possessed, and began to walk away. While, at first, Lohan thought the family was coming with her, she soon realised that they are moving away from her.

“I won’t go until I take you,” she can be heard saying. When the family doesn’t stop, the ‘Rumors’ singer accused the two adults of trafficking children, “Look what’s happening. Now I know who you are, don’t F**k with me. This is not Arab, you are ruining Arab culture.”

The video ends with the woman pushing Lohan while she was trying to chase the family. “I am in so much shock right now,” she said.

People on social media have been condemning Lohan for her actions, ever since the singer posted the live video.