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Lindsay Lohan learning Russian?

Lindsay Lohan learning Russian?

London: Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly trying to learn her fiance Egor Tarabasov’s native tongue Russian.

The 30-year-old “Mean Girls’ actress wanted to be able to communicate better with Tarabasov and his family so has been having lessons in his native tongue, but it seems they are not going well, reported Female First.

“You’ve got to give Lindsay points for trying. She really thought she’d be able to do it because of her acting training, but she always gets the order of words wrong and her verb usage is abhorrent,” a source said.

Lohan’s linguistic skills are apparently so bad, Tarabasov’s family is trying to improve its English instead so it doesn’t have to hear her botched attempts at the language.

“Egor and his family were really encouraging at first, but after a few months they’re beginning to realise she’s a lost cause. Hearing her trying to speak Russian makes their ears bleed,” the insider said.

“They’re good natured about it and are pleased that she tried, but now Egor’s parents are just brushing up on their English, just so they can communicate with their son’s choice of wife.