Why you likelier to skimp on V-Day gift

Washington: On Valentine’s Day, cupid is going to bring love and your lover may bring an inferior gift, but don’t despair as according to a new study, people tend to skimp on their V-Day gifts only if they really feel close to their partner.

The University of Chicago study found that if a store is offering a free gift with a slightly inferior box of chocolates, you are more likely to go for it instead of the best chocolates in the store.

In the study, Professor Ayelet Fishbach, University of Florida’s Yanping Tu and University of Chicago’s Alex Shaw found that people are more likely to take from a close other than a distant other.

In a series of studies, the researchers determine that this tendency is rooted in a friendly intention of trying to maximize the total benefits for the pair, or the so-called “self-other collective.”

“We dub this the ‘friendly taking effect’ because such overt taking behavior is actually rooted in a friendly intention, that is, concern for the total benefit,” the study says.

When participants knew they were going to eat chocolates with someone they were close to, they were more inclined to choose the package where they received the most.

Researchers conducted seven experiments that looked at different kinds of relationships including, naturally occurring friendships and ones simulated in the lab.

The study is published in the Journal of Consumer Research. (ANI)