‘Lifestyle, obesity, late hours leading to breast cancer’

Hyderabad: While cervical cancer is on decline, breast cancer cases are on rise due to obesity and lifestyle-related factors, said Dr Neeraja Bhatia, president, Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India, here.

These two types of cancers are the most common among the women, but they can be prevented, she said, addressing a press conference about inauguration of 23rd annual conference of the association.

Dr Shashikant Lele, a New York-based gynaecologic oncologist, said cancers affect 1,25,000 women in India every year.

Dr Rama Joshi, another expert, said vaccine can prevent the cervical cancer, but all the women above the age of 30 should undergo screening for its detection, while the breast cancer can be detected through self-examination.

The vaccine is absolutely safe, she stressed.

Increasing obesity is resulting in increased number of breast cancer cases, Dr Joshi said.

The number of cases of cervical cancer was coming down because of the improved sanitation, education about use of sanitary pads, people seeking better health care, she said.

At the same time urbanisation was leading to increase in the cases of breast cancer, and the women who have children after 30 years of age are more at risk.

Factors such as late-night working and high exposure to bright lights can also lead to breast cancer, she added.