‘Life of Girl’ app to ensure safe passage launches in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: ‘Life of Girl’, an intelligent mobile application and a community which serves colleges, corporate, and NGOs to enhance physical, digital and psychological safety standards, has been launched in Hyderabad.

It takes predictive steps, preventive measures, and takes all reactive measures like intimating police department and nearest set of volunteers to ensure safety of the person in distress.

This NASSCOM incubated, and T-Hub supported idea grew in size and stature with support from the community to become one of the most trustworthy platforms for organisational and personal safety, said King Vignan Joseph, CEO and Founder, ‘Life of Girl’

It serves colleges, corporate, and NGOs to enhance physical, digital, and psychological safety standards. This technology also enables organisations to improve communication with their target audience through a secured platform.

Founders of the platform are from different regions, religions and have different reasons to get associated but they are working towards a common cause of making the city and the country safer.

“At Life of Girl, we are creating a safety ecosystem – like an ideal family that will be there for you when you need. All the technology and training we provide is a translation of what a family does into technology, but here again with help of people,” he said

The firm onboards organisations like colleges, corporate, create a private social network (local facebook) where they can communicate and engage better, provide a dashboard to management of an organisation using which they communicate to their members and set tasks and rewards for regular activities.

According to the CEO, people are trained to stay safe not just in the physical world, but also in the digital and psychological sphere. The platform also prepares volunteers to get well equipped and help others when the latter are in danger. Post training, the certified individuals join a larger community of volunteers, who would act as the ideal extended family for each other. When a person is in danger, nearest volunteers will be notified, who in turn will spring into action and take necessary steps to ensure safety of the individual facing danger.

“Google provides you with the fastest route to your destination, but at Life of Girl, we help you with information on the safe path to destination and ensure all necessary preemptive and reactive steps for a safe passage,” he said.

When a person travels from point A to point B, the application will suggest the safest route based on the possibility of receiving help on time, volunteer ratings, data from Government sources, and other relevant associated factors. Whenever the individual moves to a new place and does not feel safe with the surroundings, the individual can resort to safe haven to reduce vulnerability.

It provides information like “safety score” of a particular place which might be frequented or being visited for the first time by app users. The app provides means to stay connected with the organization and all volunteers in the geographical locality identified. Volunteers who are on the platform or those who strive to make a locality safer for other will be rewarded as a token of appreciation.

This app serves safety to all genders, and is intended for everybody who wants to help others.