Life is a bowl of cherries for Kashmiri growers this year

Srinagar: This year, Kashmir has witnessed a great harvest of the delicious cherry fruit due to the best climatic conditions that led to timely rainfall and snowfall.

The suitable climate this year has yielded not only a satisfying quantity of the fruit but also a better quality harvest – not affected by any disease that ensures that the harvest is sure to be sold at a profitable rate.

The farming of cherries always needs a moderate temperature and this year, with the help of good climatic conditions, the quality of the fruit, including colour and size of the cherry, has brought a sense of satisfaction and joy to the growers.

Cherry is mostly grown at a higher altitude, in locations like Nishat, Harwan, Dara, and Kangan.

Horticulture sector is one of the prime sectors that generate employment for thousands of people and during this harvesting period, hundreds of labourers from Rajouri, Pooch and other districts of the state move towards the Valley to earn their livelihood.

Speaking to ANI, Horticulture Officer Saima said, “This year, the climate has been good leading to a great production of the Cherry fruit. There has been an increase of 10 to 20 percent as compared to last year because of the climatic conditions. The quality this year is much better as compared to last year.”

Another person said, “We had a very good harvest due to timely rainfall and we are expecting a good rate this year. Cherry harvesting provides a lot of scope for employment.” (ANI)