Libya: Campaign begins to pitch for Saiful Islam Gaddafi as presidential candidate

Tripoli: A new campaign has come up in Libya during the current year in which the slain leader Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saiful Islam Gaddafi is being encouraged to contest for the post of president of the country.

The campaign started by the supporters of Gaddafi government is supporting Saiful Islam to contest in the presidential elections to be held in March 2019. Demands are also made to lift the political ban on Saiful Islam.

The campaign entitled ‘we nominate you’ is being launched by the supporters of Muammar Gaddafi. They are excited about the restoration of the Gaddafi government and are keen to provide justice to the Gaddafi family who lost power.

A local intellectual and founder of Mandela movement Mohammed Ar Ramih said the campaign supporting Saiful Islam Gaddafi is backed by several tribes, especially Arab, Touareg and Amazigh tribes.

It must be noted that Saiful Islam Gaddafi did make a public appearance since he was released from Jail in 2017 nor he announced to become the candidate in presidential elections.