Liberation Day: effort to disrupt peaceful atmosphere of the state

‘Celebrating September 17 would hurt the sentiments of Muslims; this is the reason why TRS party, even before the formation of separate Telangana state, instead of being extremist, chose the path of peacekeeping and announced to celebrate it as merger day. Even after the formation of Telangana TRS stuck to its stand and promoted cosmopolitan culture of the state. But some communal political parties are continuously trying to disrupt the peace of the state which should be unanimously condemned by all secular minded people.’ These views were expressed by leaders of Telangana Democratic and Secular Alliance, Dr. Chiranjeevi, Caption Pandu Rangareddy, Ramdas, K Venkatesh, Rajendra, Mohammed Ali and others while addressing a press conference here at Press Club, Somajiguda.

Dr. Chiranjeevi dubbed the revellers of September 17 as traitors of Telangana people. He pointed out that over 600 big and small sovereign states were merged in the Indian Union on that day however, except in Telangana, people in no other state demand to celebrate the occasion. He asserted that government of India need not have forced the merger of Hyderabad state into Indian Union and claimed that the untoward incidents occurred during the process were a blot on the history of secular Hyderabad. He maintained that the incidents occurred during police action were the result of clash between communist and Razakars which had nothing to do with Asif Jahi government.

Social activist and forbearer of Telangana movement Ramdas declared the merger of Hyderabad state in Indian Union as the greatest loss of Telangana and said that if the Hyderabad state were a sovereign state we would have been richer than Saudi Arabia.

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