LG’s Mother’s Day story most watched ad on YouTube India

New Delhi: LG’s 20 years anniversary and Mother’s Day story clip was the most watched video on YouTube India in the second quarter of 2017, the company announced on Tuesday.

YouTube India released a list of top 10 ads watched the most on the platform, saying that these clocked 2.3 million hours of watch time, with mobile devices accounting for 82 per cent of the watch time.

According to the data, the LG video was followed by “Meet Deepika Padukone’s new BFF!” and “Keep Going Brand Film” of HRX brand by Hritik Roshan videos, at second and third spot, respectively.

Colgate India’s “Taazgi Express with Ranveer Singh”, Jack & Jones “Don’t Hold Back 2.0” and “Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables TVC” were at fourth, fifth and sixth spot, respectively.

As per App Annie, a US-based business intelligence company and analyst firm, 180 million Indians watch YouTube on their mobile devices every month.