LG suspends talks with Apple about selling iPhones

Seoul: South Korean tech giant LG has recently suspended plans to sell Apple products like iPhone devices at its Korean retail outlets, the media reported.

Back in June, the South Korean company was reportedly in negotiations with Apple on a retail partnership.

Now, however, it appears to have temporarily ended those talks after some local backlash, reports AppleInsider.

SME Daily reports that LG ended talks after controversy stirred among small- and medium-sized retailers, as well as among consumers.

There is apparently a “growing concern” that LG’s Best Shop would suspend employee training for Apple sales.

The South Korean government has also emphasised competition, suggesting that it’s worried about large retail partnerships threatening the livelihood of smaller outlets in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Samsung is said to be concerned about the potential cooperation between LG and Apple, which could threaten its leadership in its home market, the report said.

In April, the LG announced that it will be withdrawing from the mobile business.

The company said in a regulatory filing that its mobile communications (MC) unit will no longer produce and sell handsets after July 31, citing a slump in business and fierce competition in the industry as the reasons behind the decision.