LG patents 16-lens smartphone camera

Seoul [South Korea], November 27 (ANI): LG has patented a smartphone technology with not two or four camera, but a head-spinning 16-lens set.

Multiple cameras on a smartphone is the latest rage and manufacturers are aiming at compressing up to five or nine lenses in a device. However, LG’s patent goes beyond the current number of lenses with a full 16-camera array, The Verge reported.

The 16-lenses will offer different angles on a scene using the perspective of the varied lenses. The patent describes combining the different angles to create a miniature film, similar to Apple’s Live Photos.

The system are also claimed to use the different data from the lenses to cut out things from an image, for instance portrait mode, or replacing background. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]