LG to launch LCD 4K TVs equipped with ‘HDR-Plus’ capability

New Delhi : While 4K television technology ruled 2015, this year seems to be the year for High Dynamic Range televisions. LG has decided to get ahead by revealing its three new LCD 4K TVs equipped with ‘HDR-Plus’ capability.

According to The Verge, HDR-Plus combines LG’s ‘Color Prime Plus’ which uses a new filter to try and replicate cinema-quality colour with the company’s ‘Ultra Luminance technology’ for an improved contrast ratio.

Appearing forward-looking is important as more and more TV makers continue upgrading their line-ups to 4K and begin looking for new technology terminology to attach to their latest products. Sony and Samsung have already updated some of their current higher-end TVs with HDR compatibility.

LG’s three new 4K LCD models – UH9500, UH8500, and UH7700, range in size from 49 to 86 inches, and every model will come with LG’s new webOS 3.0 software, which the company is debuting next week as well.

There is little difference between the TVs, but LG is flaunting the UH9500’s slimmer design, which now has a gap of only 6.6 millimetres between the display and the back cover framework.

The prices have not been disclosed as of now as LG is keeping mum on the state of its OLED line-up. (ANI)