LFO lead singer Devin Lima passes away

Washington DC, [USA] Nov 21 (ANI): Devin Lima, the lead vocalist of American Pop band LFO, passed on Wednesday at the age of 41.

He died after a prolonged battle with a stage 4 cancer, reported TMZ.

Lima’s LFO band used to be a three-member team, but later it came down to two as another singer, Rich Cronin, died after suffering from leukemia.

A popular band from the 90s, LFO is well known for their hit song; ‘Summer Girls’ that became an instant hit in 1999 when it reached the third spot on the music charts.

LFO, who recorded two albums, ‘LFO’ and ‘Life is Good’, had released a song last in 2017, titled ‘Perfect 10.’

The pop band even planned a tour in 2018 but had to shelve it as doctors detected a football-sized tumor in Devin’s adrenal gland. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]