Lewis Capaldi cancels UK musical tour over health issues

London: Singer Lewis Capaldi has cancelled his upcoming UK tour due to vocal issues.

The “Hold me while you wait” hitmaker admitted Brixton show was “one of the hardest performances” he ever had to do, and now he has been warned by medics that if he doesn’t rest and take it “very easy” it could cause long term harm to his voice, reports thescottishsun.co.uk.

Taking to social media, he wrote: “Last night in Brixton was one of the hardest performances I’ve had to do and thank you so so much to everyone that came down and helped out with the tougher parts of some of those tunes.

“I’m so sorry that my voice wasn’t as up to it as I had hoped it would be… Hope I can come back and do that again for all of you. As you know I have been struggling with my voice since touring in America and the European leg and much of this UK stretch of this tour has been difficult. I’ve had many urgent check ups with various ENT doctors and under each of their professional advisories I need to take it very easy and unfortunately have to cancel the next three shows in Norwich, Nottingham and Sheffield to save long term damage to my voice.”

Apologising to his fans, Lewis said that he “hates letting anyone down”.

“I desperately want to be able to perform every show I advertise and put on for you all. And I’m so sorry to everyone that bought tickets to the cancelled shows. Genuinely hate letting anyone down,” he added.