Lewd remarks flare-up communal clash in Ranchi

RANCHI: Several people and some policemen were injured in a clash between Hindus and Muslim on the outskirts of Ranchi on Monday night, the police said on Tuesday.

According to the police, the clash took place in Sukurhutu village of Ranchi district when the women of a community went to answer the call of nature on Monday night and some youths from the other community suspected to be high on either drugs or alcohol allegedly passed lewd remarks and misbehaved them.

The members of both communities clashed and pelted stones. A police team that rushed to separate the warring members and restore peace was also targeted. Rajiv Ranjan, a police officer, sustained head injuries.

The people also fired bullets into the air.

Sukurhutu clashes continued for over two hours. The situation was brought under control after additional force was rushed, a police officer said. Prohibitory orders imposed in the village on Tuesday.

“The situation in Sukurhutu is under control. Forces are camping in the village,” Ranchi Senior Superintendent of Police Kuldeep Dwivedi told reporters.

This is the second incident of communal clash in Ranchi in a week.

Last week, a clash took place between the members of two communities at Bargai, also in Ranchi.

The clash took place after the members of a community objected to the music being played at a marriage party. The marriage party members, including women and children, were also thrashed by the members of other community.

With IANS inputs