Letter from Nepal Govt. on proposal for dialogues ‘positive’: Federal Alliance

Lahan (Nepal : Manish Kumar Suman, the general secretary of the protesting Sadbhawana Party, which is a constituent of the agitating Federal Alliance, today said the letter received from Prime Minister K.P. Sharma led-government for resumption of negotiations is being viewed in a positive light.

He said the alliance will hold a meeting and come up with a substantive standpoint regarding the government’s proposal letter received yesterday.

Suman said the Alliance will be prepared for relevant and result-oriented dialogues.

“The Alliance wants an outlet through dialogues and negotiations, the agitation prolonged because the government is not serious,” the Himalayan Times quoted him as saying.

He added that the Alliance was waiting for the government’s preliminary response on its 11-point demand, including treatment of agitators injured in the Madhesi uprising, martyrs’ status to the deceased and withdrawal of cases against the demonstrators.

“We will sit for dialogues as soon as the government comes up with the statement,” he said. (ANI)