Let’s see if our ideology prevails: Meira Kumar on Presidential polls result

New Delhi : Opposition Presidential nominee Meira Kumar on Thursday reiterated her view, which she has maintained since her nomination, that she believes in the ideology which she has fought for, adding that she would want to see if it prevails.

“I believe in the ideology I’ve fought for and I believe in the voice of conscience. Let us see how much it prevails,” Kumar said.

Responding to a poser on how she views this fight, Kumar said the people in this country have certain values and they have kept those as their base for these elections.

Kumar also expressed her gratefulness to the Opposition parties which unanimously got together and decided her name for the post of President.

Meanwhile, the counting of votes for the presidential polls is underway.

The final result will be declared by 5 p.m.

Meira Kumar, the former Speaker of Lok Sabha, was announced as the Indian National Congress (INC)-led Opposition’s candidate for the post of President of India, after a meeting held on the June 22, 2017.

Both, NDA presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind and Kumar are from the Dalit community and have canvassed hard by visiting states to seek support of legislators.

The Presidential election on July 17 saw 100 percent polling of 11 states. A total of 771 members of Parliament and 4,109 legislators were eligible to cast votes. (ANI)