Let’s hope Hindus stand up for Muslims!


I wish RSS learnt something from it. Why are they poisoning the minds of their core voters by telling lies about Muslims? Only to get the 30% vote share and get into power? Then serve themselves and create hatred among Indians.

Thousands of lynchings took place, we did not see any Hindus standing up for Muslims who suffered so badly. Thousands of Muslims died brutal n painful deaths.

I had hoped, desired and expected good Hindus to stand up for Muslims, after all Muslims haven’t done anything wrong, just like whites stood up with Blacks when one Black was killed by a policeman.

Whites and Blacks made this campaign Black Lives Matter so why can’t Hindus wage a campaign “Muslim Lives Matter too”.

I want Hindus to spearhead this campaign and also include Muslims and all minorities. I am sure there are millions of conscientious n truth seeking humane values upholding Hindus in India!

I don’t expect this from Hindutva and RSS whose edifice is built on lies, hatred and base n gross racist beliefs. I doubt if Hindutva guys are Hindus at all. They do not follow Hinduism but Hindutva which is completely different from Hinduism.

Hindutva is only some bunch of lose racist thoughts which can never be called an ideology, leave alone a religion! In fact government should take action for their anti constitutional stance.

I hope my Hindu brethren are listening and act too.