“He was let down by his own colleagues who could not save him” – Right wing on ASI Yunus assault

Mumbai: ASI, Yunus Sheikh, who was assaulted, forced to carry a “saffron flag” and paraded through a town in Maharashtra’s Latur District by right-wing activists told that he was let down by his own colleagues who could not save him.

His family has demanded a departmental enquiry into why did not police force reach in time to save him from the attackers.

Meanwhile, police arrested 16 persons for attacking Sheikh and forcing him to say ‘Jai Bhawani, Jai Shivaji’.

Talking to newsmen from hospital yesterday, Sheikh told that he had made a telephone call using his mobile phone to the police control room but the police failed to arrive on the spot on time. He said that police force came after mob had assaulted him brutally.

Sheik added that he had begged the mob to let him go but he was brutally beaten up till he collapsed.

According to the news published in Indian Express, Sheikh’s, Farooq Yunus Sheikh said that “The other constable who had also restrained the crowd from hoisting the flag the previous night was not paraded or attacked the way my father was. They spared him but not my father. What are we to make out of this?”