Less than two weeks after NZ attack, rugby star Sonny Bill Williams’ mother embraces Islam

New Zealand: Less than two weeks after the Christchurch massacre, mother of New Zealand Rugby Union Footballer Sonny Bill Williams, Lee Williams embraced Islam. Along with her, Sonny’s teammate Ofa Tu’ungafasi also embraced Islam.

According to the report published in Mail Online, Zimbabwean based Imam, Sheikh Sajid Umar expressing his view tweeted, “Just came across great news that the mother of our brother @SonnyBWilliams, accepted Islam, along with his best friend and team mate. All praises belongs to Allah alone. He is most kind. Even though I’m far away; I am genuinely pleased for my brother. Allah has honoured him”.

In the photo which was shared on social media, Lee can be seen wearing a white dress. Sonny can also be seen in the photo.

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Imagine how amazing of a feeling it must be for @sonnybillwilliams to see his own mother become Muslim, for Allah to open her heart to Islam and accept it as her faith. For any son no matter how young or old you may be there's no one you love more than your own mother, so there's no one you'd want best for more than your own mother. Alhamdulillah by the will of Allah his mother has now accepted islam years after he became a Muslim too. I'm sure it must've been one of the best feelings in the world for our brother. . May Allah bless them both and continue to guide them on this journey, Ameen. Alhamdulillah many more people are coming to Islam too, I've personally had many message from non-muslims taking that same step, if you're wanting to become Muslim feel free to DM. _____________________________________________ Follow @muslim.daily for more posts: @muslim.daily @muslim.daily @muslim.daily . #Islam #Muslim #Muslims #Quran #NewZealand #Mosque #Masjid #Jummah #Terrorism #terroristattack #Christchurch #christchurchmosqueshooting

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It may be mentioned that Lee and Ofa Tu’ungafasi embraced Islam a decade after Sonny become Muslim.

Christchurch massacre

It may be recalled that recently, in Christchurch, 50 Muslims were killed in the attack.

After the massacre, Sonny met with the survivors of the attack in the hospital. He also posted a tearful message on social media.

Career of Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams who was born on 3rd August 1985 is the two-time world cup winner. He is the first Muslim to play for the All Blacks. He also boxed professionally seven times.