Leo Di Caprio urges help for reuniting immigrant children with their families

Washington: Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio took to social media to give a clarion call to help the immigrant children in the United States of America who are yet to be reunited with their families.

The ‘Titanic’ star took to Instagram to post a video wherein his peer Mark Ruffalo and rapper Common shared the concern for helping the children who are yet to be reunited with their families as the Donald Trump administration was unable to do so in a set deadline.

In the video, Mark Ruffalo said, “We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis here on U.S. soil. The Trump Administration has failed to comply with the court order to reunify all the families that have been separated on the U.S. border.”

Rapper Common who seconded the actor’s words asserted, “Families are still being kept apart and children are being kept in cages. We need to help these families.”

Caprio captioned the post, “The Trump Administration failed to meet the court order to reunify all the families separated at the border by July 26. Watch this short video featuring @MarkRuffalo, @Common, parents and children at the border, and humanitarian workers about how kids are still being kept in cages, and parents are being forced to pay thousands of dollars to get them back. Click the link in bio to watch the full video and find out how you can make a difference at ReunifyFamilies.org.”

On a related note, the US government according to a court filing has reunited 1,442 families with children aged 5 and older by late July 26, which happened to be the deadline set for the Trump administration, reported CNN.

The government further claimed that an additional 378 children have already been released.
Still, there are more than 700 children who are in government custody, who weren’t reunited within the set deadline.

Owing to this development, the American government clarified that shouldn’t have reunited all the children since some of their parents are either deported or have past criminal records.