Lena Dunham defends Miley Cyrus` `loud personality`

Washington : American actress Lena Dunham has recently defended Miley Cyrus, while expressing her views on feminism and women’s choices.

In an interview, the 29-year-old actress defended Cyrus, saying that when girls say that the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hit-maker’s hot pants are not feminist, maybe they are for her and maybe they’re not for others, adding that it is absolutely her choice, E! Online reports.

The actress added, “You don’t get to decide that. You don’t get to decide what a feminist looks and acts like.”

Notably, the `Girls` actress has always supported Cyrus.

In 2012, after the singer got a blonde pixie cut, the actress debuted a short hairstyle of her own, saying on Instagram, “I Miley’d the s–t out of this Saturday.”

In 2013, when the ‘BB Talk’ hit-maker showcased a racier public image, Dunham tweeted, ” Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ makes me feel nonsensically nostalgic with a heaping side of ‘f–*** all y’all.”(ANI)