Leisure Hotels announces expansion in Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi [India]: Luxury Hotels Chain in Uttrakhand Leisure Hotels has announced its expansion into Himachal Pradesh.

A major player in Uttarakhand’s hospitality sector, Leisure Hotels has launched 7 Pines – “An English Retreat” in Kasauli, which is home to one of the largest breweries in the world.

A quintessential English Retreat, The ‘7 Pines’, is built with a British colonial decor and is a perfect weekend getaway. Kasauli has a colonial ambience which is complemented by windy paths, quaint shops, lovely homes with charming exteriors and rows of neat little gardens and orchards.

“With travel to Kasauli on the rise and attractive hospitality opportunities in high demand, we are happy to add our luxury retreat in the city. Arguably, this new branded be-spoke retreat will be a prestigious address in town, situated right across the hills of Shimla,” said director, Leisure Hotels, Vibhas Prasad.

He added that as per the Himachal Pradesh Economic Survey, 196.02 lakh tourists visited Himachal Pradesh during the year 2017 which is 2.9 times of its population.

“Himachal Pradesh like Uttarakhand is a hub for domestic and foreign tourists. It has always been known for its natural attractions and topography. This gives excellent opportunities for tourism development. We had been looking for the right opportunity to open the Leisure Hotels offerings in the state,” added Prasad.

“We started in the Uttarakhand market nearly 29 years back, after trying to monetise opportunities of gaps. We today have resorts, hotels, camps in UP and Goa as well,” Prasad said while elaborating on the business idea.

“We are is looking at further opportunities across India as the Himachal Pradesh Market has similar terrain and opportunities to Uttarakhand and does seem logical for us to expand in this region as well,” he added.

Adding to this he said that the quaint Kasauli town has good tourism potential and we are happy that it has become the first town in the state for us. (ANI)