Left used Sabarimala row to cut Congress votes: Tharoor

Jaipur: The Sabarimala controversy was fanned by the Left to cut the Congress pparty’s Hindu votes so that they can reap the political benefits, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said on Thursday.

While the Supreme Court had given many major decisions earlier too, no government had shown such eagerness to implement them, he said, referring to the apex court ruling of September permitting women of all ages to enter the famed shrine.

However, on this issue, the Kerala government showed promptness in implementing the court order, Tharoor told a literary session here.

He said: “Religion is an unconventional thing which deals with fundamental doubts, fears, hopes and faith. It is susceptible to reasoning and debate.

There were over 100 religious places with gender inequality but they never became an issue. In Kanyakumari temple, there was a sanctum sanctorum where men are not allowed. Many Catholic Churches don’t appoint women priests, he said.

Also, in many Sunni mosques, women were not allowed to pray with men, he added.

But the Sabarimala court order was picked up by the Left to create an issue, he said.

Tharoor accused the Communists of provoking the Sangh Parivar, which was opposed to the apex court ruling on Sabarimala.