Left, Congress condemn ban on meat

New Delhi, Sept.11 : Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja on Friday condemned the meat ban in three states of the country and alleged that it is a sinister design by the ruling BJP at the Centre to project their agenda.

“I think there is a sinister design and all BJP-ruled states where they have a strong influence are trying to project their agenda. They are not openly claiming it, but this sinister design needs to be resisted,” Raja told ANI here.

“In Jammu and Kashmir there are sections also who eat beef and if somebody challenges, let them it is their right. This is against the spirit of Constitution where we have a multi party democracy and multi religious society,” he added.

Raja said that the Left disapproves the government’s decision of meat ban in different states of the country.

“India is a country, which believes in rule of law. The fundamental law of country is the Constitution of India and this Constitution gives rights to all the citizens to follow whatever faith they wish,” he added.

Congress leader Manish Tewari also condemned the move to ban meat.

“Today people are not allowed to sell meat, tomorrow somebody will say you are not allowed to sell vegetarian food, it is toxic and you should eat organic food, third day somebody will say fruits are better than milk and vice versa . Where is this going to end?” asked Tewari. (ANI)