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Leave your fragrance wherever you go!

Leave your fragrance wherever you go!

New Delhi [India]: Housed at Barcelona, Spain, Mocemsa, a luxury perfumery brand, is all set to redefine the Indian fragrance industry with its specialized rare product offering.

Experienced, evolved and enthusiastic, Mocemsa is brought alive by a family of perfumers who have an extensive experience in catering to the global beauty magnets.

Mocemsa’s state of the art production facility located in Barcelona, Spain is the fountainhead through which they cater to customers globally. The brand strictly conforms to IFRA standards, which are followed by all leading fragrance brands internationally.

They are not just a perfumery house but craftsmen formulating fragrances from best the world has to offer across borders and beyond boundaries.

Mocemsa believes that India is now ready and evolved as a consumer, to posses its own luxury perfume brand, which is strong in its aesthetics and can stand at par with any globally renowned perfume, both in design and in fragrance.

Pulkit Malhotra, Founder, Mocemsa, is a graduate from the prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Grasse, France, where he was taught by the likes of master perfumer Max Gavarry (the creator of Amber by Prada and many more).

With a keen insight into what delights the Indian olfactory, Pulkit is the perfect bridge between international offerings and Indian preferences.

On the launch of Mocemsa, Pulkit Malhotra, Founder, Mocemsa, said “My passion for perfumes developed at a very young age and I was lucky enough to get trained and learn the art of perfume creation at a world-renowned perfumery school under the guidance of many prominent names in the industry. I could have easily opted to work for international brands after I became an expert in fragrance making process but I chose to work for my people back in India. We at Mocemsa aim to delight and provide a unique experience to every customer, and are confident of leaving behind a sweet trail of satisfaction.”

Available in twelve distinct fragrances, six for men and six for women, Mocemsa makes specialized rare luxury perfumes accessible to Indian men and women, carving a niche of its own.

The brand promises excellence, quality and craftsmanship, making use of the most advanced blending techniques available to the global fragrance industry. It is backed by a firm belief that smelling good should be a privilege of not just the affluent few but of the masses in general who aspire to live well.

Hence, Mocemsa has packaged the same international class in their bottles as one would expect out of world renowned perfume brands.

Fueled by curiosity, passion for discovery and the thrill of adventure, Pulkit mined the corners of the world for the most exceptional and uncompromising quality of ingredients, believing that only what’s authentic, true and outstanding is good enough. ( ANI)