Leave your chappal of politics before entering University: Naidu

Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday accused the politicians visiting Hyderabad University after suicide by a Dalit research scholar of vitiating the atmosphere by making political speeches.

“Politicians should not interfere in University affairs. That is my advice to all. Let peace come,” Naidu said.

“University is like a temple. When you go to temple, you are supposed to remove your chappals and enter. Similarly, politicians should remove their chappal of politics outside the University.

“If you go there…offer condolence. Find out quietly what is the situation and then pass it on to the concerned person, rather than making political speeches, accusing and blaming this party and the other, thereby further vitiating the atmosphere,” Naidu said.

The statement assumes significance in the wake of visit to the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi after suicide by Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemulu.

Naidu denied allegations that Union minister Bandaru Dattatraya had interfered in University affairs and said the Minister had only forwarded a petition received by him to the Human Resource Ministry which forwarded it to Vice-Chancellor.

A Congress MP also forwarded a complaint in this regard to the Vice-Chancellor, Naidu pointed out.
Stating that the Union government had nothing to do with the issue, Naidu said different universities have different situations. “It is a divisive agenda of the Congress and communists that has spoiled the atmosphere of the university.”

“An inquiry committee has been appointed. Let the committee give its report and then let the concerned people take appropriate action,” he said.

Earlier, speaking to reporters at Kanyakumari, he slammed Congress and the opposition parties, they were “using the opportunity for cheap political advantage.”

Rejecting Opposition allegations against the Centre and Dattatraya, who has been accused in the suicide case, Naidu said the Centre as well as the Ministers have nothing to do with the alleged suicide.

He said that Congress was following a 5D policy of defame, disinformation, divert attention, delay development and disrupt Parliament and thus derailing progress of the country.

He appealed to the opposition to shed its “negative and destroying role” and help pass important bills including GST and Real Estate bills in the coming Budget session.